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ACTAEA SIMPLEX 'HILLSIDE BLACK BEAUTY' PP9,988—Add to your shopping cart:
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Exceptionally dark burgundy-black foliage adds drama to the shady garden. The large, elegant fern-like leaves form a graceful fountain of foliage approximately 2-3' tall. In early to mid autumn, clusters of fragrant creamy white flowers, reminiscent of bottle brushes, bloom on wiry stems reaching 5' tall.

Grow Actaea 'Hillside Black Beauty' in rich, organic, moisture retentive soil in full to partial shade, tolerates more sun further north. Especially effective when growing near lighter shades of green, yellow, or chartreuse. Grow in the shady border to add rich color, depth, contrast, and fragrance.

Actaea simplex were formerly known as Cimicifuga ramosa.

Size: 5' tall in bloom, 2-3' wide. Plant zones: 3-7. Code: 5ACTHILB.

Genus/Common Name: Actaea/Cimicifuga, Bugbane
Light Requirements: partial shade/full shade
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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