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ATHYRIUM FILIX-FEMINA 'LADY IN RED'—Add to your shopping cart:
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A beautiful selection of our native Lady Fern with upright lacy, light green foliage displayed on vibrant red stems. New fronds emerge throughout the season to keep the plants looking fresh. Athyrium 'Lady in Red' is an easily grown, slowly spreading, deciduous fern.

Lady Ferns prefer partial shade and an organic, moisture retentive soil. Relatively tolerant of dryer soil as compared to many other Ferns. Deer resistant.

Size: 18-24" tall, 16-20" wide. Plant zones: 3-8. Code: 5ATHLADR.

Genus/Common Name: Athyrium/Lady fern, Fern
Light Requirements: partial shade/full shade
Container Size: 2.06qt/1.95L

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