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Fast-growing, upright tree with large, dark green, 'paddle-shaped' leaves that hang vertically from the branches.  Growth form is gaunt when young, ultimately picturesque, with long ascending upper branches, and semi-weeping lower branches. The gorgeous flowers are large, often 8" in diameter, rich red-purple-pink on the outside, white on the inside, and sit upright on the branchlets.  Flowering is mid-season, so late frosts are seldom a problem.  The large flowers can be damaged by strong winds, so a protected spot is best. Grown on own roots.

Size: 10-12' tall and wide in 10 years. Plant zones: 5-8. Code: 1MAGFRAM.

Genus/Common Name: Magnolia
Hybridizer(s): Frank Gaylon
Light Requirements: full sun
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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