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Long, narrow lance-shaped leaves are creamy yellow to white with wide, dark green margins. Red pigment is most concentrated in the lower part of the petioles, and then continues in a narrow strip up the center of the back of each leaf. Attractive purple flowers which are held on striking red, 12-16" scapes in mid to late summer. Hosta 'Cherry Tomato' is a sport of H. 'Cherry Berry'.

Grow Hosta 'VARIETY' in a container or at the front of a shady bed.Grow small and miniature Hosta in a rock garden, in a trough or other container, or along the front edge of a small scaled bed.

Size: 4" tall, 12" wide . Plant zones: 3-9. Code: 5HOSCHTO.

Light Requirements: partial shade/full shade
Container Size: 1.68pt/798mL

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