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Brilliant fall color! Burgundy red tips from spring to fall on deep green foliage. Small burgundy red flowers bloom in August on 5'-6' red stems. Foliage color deepens to purple-red as the nights cool. When October frosts arrive, the entire plant turns a vivid scarlet providing fabulous late season color. Use Andropogon 'Red October' to add a long season of interest.

Andropogon, also known as Turkey's Foot or Big Bluestem, is a native grass originating in North American prairies. Use in mixed borders, massed on its own or with other grasses, or grow with other native plants to create a naturalized setting. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant when established.

**Cannot ship this item to: CO, OR, UT**

Size: 5-6' tall, 18-24" wide. Plant zones: 3-8. Code: 6ANDRDO.

Genus/Common Name: Andropogon/Big Bluestem, Turkey Foot
Light Requirements: full sun
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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