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Double blooms have petals that come to a point to create a beautiful, lacy panicle with a starry effect. The blooms are noticeably different and very appealing even from a distance. Handsome foliage turns burgundy red in fall. Hydrangea Gatsby StarTM has an upright and outwardly spreading plant habit, vigorous growth, strong and sturdy stems, and large inflorescences. Oakleaf Hydrangea blooms on old wood; benefits from a sheltered site at its northernmost range. Grow this North American native in woodland and other informal gardens.

Size: 6-8' tall and wide in 5 years. Plant zones: 5-9. Code: 3HYDGATS.

Genus/Common Name: Hydrangea
Light Requirements: full sun/partial shade
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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