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Selection of the outstanding native Prairie Dropseed made by Roy Diblik for its more upright, compact, and uniform habit. The foliage will reach about 12-18" tall and the flowering stems to about 24-30" tall. In late summer to early fall airy panicles of tan-pink flowers give off a fragrance compared variously to coriander or buttered popcorn. Beautiful, fine textured foliage turns golden orange hues in fall.

Sporobolis 'Tara' creates a graceful clump for the edge of the border, in native-type plantings, or grass gardens. Drought tolerant once established.

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Size: 24-30" tall, 18-24" wide. Plant zones: 3-9. Code: 6SPOT.

Genus/Common Name: Sporobolus/Prairie Dropseed
Light Requirements: full sun
Container Size: 2.06qt/1.95L

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