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Red-pink blooms in late spring followed by fluffy seed-heads. Fern-like green leaves. Geum triflorum is also known as Prairie Smoke for the feathery seed heads that follow the nodding, rounded, red-pink blooms.

This North American native plant prefers dry, well-drained soils in full sun. Will grow in medium moisture soils, too, as long as there is good drainage. Avoid wet winter soils. In hotter areas light shade is appreciated. Grow at the front of a border or plant in a naturalized area with other wildflowers. When established, tolerates drought. Deer resistant.

Size: 12-18" tall, 8-12" wide. Plant zones: 3-7. Code: 5GEUTRIL.

Genus/Common Name: Geum/Geum, Avens
Light Requirements: full sun/partial shade
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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