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Late season drama! Smoky blue foliage turns dark purple-red in fall. This selection of our native Little Bluestem has an upright, beautifully refined habit and a strong show of color in late summer and fall. The glaucous blue-green foliage begins to take on deep red tones in late summer, turning a dark red-purple through the fall. Tiny, tan seed heads appear in early fall on the top half of the stems. Able to withstand adverse weather and still remain upright. Drought tolerant when established. Deer resistant. Schizachyrium 'Smoke Signal' is a great choice to establish a native planting, in mass for a beautiful sweep of color, or mingled with tall blooming perennials in an informal border.

**Cannot ship this item to: CO, OR, UT**

Size: 3 to 4' tall, 1-1/2 to 2' wide. Plant zones: 3-9. Code: 6SCHSMOS.

Genus/Common Name: Schizachyrium/Little Bluestem
Light Requirements: full sun
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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