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Large, creamy white blossoms have upper petals which are infused with lavender-purple and deeper purple markings in the center. It blooms the heaviest from late spring to midsummer and often reblooms again in fall.

Violas grow best in cool, moist, shady settings. In the north, plants can tolerate full sun but prefer partial to full shade. Shade from decidous trees is ideal because the plants growing below receive full sun in the spring, followed by protection from the harsh summer sun once the trees get their leaves. In the south, Violas should be grown in partial to full shade and mulched to help the soil stay cool and moist. To stimulate additional flower production, plants should be sheared back periodically when blooming begins to decline. Plants can also be sheared back in early spring to remove any winter-damaged foliage. In the Viola cornuta group, also known as Tufted Violet. Fragrant.

Size: 6-8" tall, 8-10" wide. Plant zones: 6-8. Code: 5VIOPAIP.

Genus/Common Name: Viola/Violet
Light Requirements: full sun/partial shade/full shade
Container Size: 2.06qt/1.95L

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