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Small bright yellow flowers bloom in clusters along the bare branches in early spring, adding welcome color before most other trees or shrubs are in bloom. Shiny, red, edible fruits form in early fall. Cornus officinalis CheerTM was selected by Roy Klehm for good flowering habits, nice fall color, upright growth, and clean healthy foliage.

For extra early blooms, cut a few branches in very late winter, (a few weeks before normal bloom time), and put the stems in a vase with water. Change the water regularly. Buds will soon open for a wonderful start to spring.

Japanese Cornel Dogwoods are noted for their attractive exfoliating, rich brown-orange bark that develops with age. Matures to a small, multi-stemmed tree with a broad habit, 15-25' tall and wide. Excellent for cutting and enjoying indoors. Grow as a specimen or as part of a shrub and ornamental tree border. Fruit is attractive to birds.

Size: 8-10' tall and wide in 10 years. Plant zones: 5-8. Code: 3CORCH.

Genus/Common Name: Cornus/Dogwood
Light Requirements: full sun/partial shade
Container Size: 2.59qt/2.45L

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