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All 4 Proven Winners® Perennials


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All 4 Proven Winners® Perennials




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We ship 2-year-old Hosta. The medium to giant varieties are in 2.06 quart/1.95 liter pots, except where noted. Miniature to small varieties are shipped in 1.68 pint/798 mL pots, except where noted. We ship March through November, weather permitting.

Recommended to be hardy in USDA Zones 3-9.

Find the size that's right for you: Giant, Large, Medium and Small to Mini

Best Sellers 2018

It is always fun to see what plants other enthusiastic gardeners choose. Some best sellers are new, some are returning favorites, but each has something special to offer in your garden.

>Best Seller 2018 Varieties

Container Planting

Planting, Growing, and Caring for Plants in Containers

Choose a plant that is adaptable to a container. Generally most plants with a moderate to small root system will grow in a pot, some larger growing specimens, such as shade trees, large shrubs, and deep-rooted large perennials are best planted in the ground.

Select a container that corresponds to the size and quantity of plants you have chosen. Use a quality potting mix in a pot with holes to ensure good drainage. Fertilize and water carefully as needed, since containers create a smaller root zone for plants.

In areas with cold winters, consider a plant's hardiness. Some plants will need to be moved to an enclosed area for winter, such as a garage or cold frame, and given minimal water. Some plants will survive in a sturdy planter in a sheltered location, especially if they are rated for a zone or two hardier than the zone where they are being grown. For example, if you are in a zone 5, it is suggested to select plants hardy to zone 4 or colder.

Another option is to enjoy your plants for a season in a container and then approximately 6 weeks before the ground freezes remove them from the pots, plant them in the garden and mulch around their root zones. Look for additional information specifically for your hardiness zone from your nearest arboretum, public gardens, or university extension services.

>Container Planting Varieties


Fragrance completes a garden, and makes it all the more memorable! Plant near a sitting area or walkway to fully enjoy their lovely scent.

>Fragrance Varieties

Proven Winners® Perennials

Selected and tested for long lasting color, bountiful blooms or other attractive traits, resistance to disease and insects, and tolerance for heat and humidity. From breeders all around the world.

>Proven Winners® Perennial Varieties

Hosta Giant

  • Greater than 28" tall at maturity
  • Shipped in 2.06qt/1.95L, unless otherwise noted.

>Hosta Giant Varieties

Hosta Large

  • 19-28" tall at maturity.
  • Shipped in 2.06qt/1.95L, unless otherwise noted.

>Hosta Large Varieties

Hosta Medium

  • 10-18" tall at maturity.
  • Shipped in 2.06qt/1.95L, unless otherwise noted.

>Hosta Medium Varieties

Hosta Miniature to Small

  • Less than 10" tall at maturity.
  • Ideally suited for smaller landscapes.
  • Plant in small containers or troughs, rock gardens, along pathways or line the borders of raised beds. They prefer good drainage.
  • Shipped in 1.68pt/798mL pots, unless otherwise noted.

>Hosta Miniature to Small Varieties

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