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All 1 New for 2018




All 1 New for 2018


NEW FOR 2018


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New for 2018

Our new selections include many that are exclusive to Song Sparrow or rare and hard to find. We choose new plants for both beauty and good growing traits.


Peonies require between 500-1000 winter chilling hours, between 32-40 degrees F to flower successfully. Peonies grow in USDA hardiness zones 2-8.

We ship healthy, freshly dug, bare root Peony plants with 3-5 eyes, field grown on our farm, shipped in the fall, September through November, at the correct planting time for your gardening zone.

Klehm Peony Cultivars
The Klehm family has shared their love and passion for growing and hybridizing Peonies since the early 1900s. Today, Roy G. Klehm continues to create groundbreaking new Peony varieties for your garden. Enjoy the finest recent introductions in your garden.

Peony Flower Types

Graphic: peony flower types

Peony Guards

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NOTE: All peonies are freshly dug, two-year bedded plants shipped bare root September through November.

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Peony Care Sheet (pdf)
Fall Peony Care Sheet (pdf)

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