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All 36 Tree Peonies

An American classic! Vigorous grower with creamy yellow rosettes of camellia-shaped flowers deepen to rich gold toward center. Red flares at the base of petals dramatically accent this glowing flower. Often more than one blossom on a stem. Tree Peony 'Age of Gold' is an American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner.
Captivating golden yellow with dark red flares at the bases of crinkled petals. Tree Peony 'Alhambra' is a vigorous grower with large blooms. An excellent choice for the beginning Tree Peony enthusiast.
Stunning orchid-lavender single blooms. Each petal on Tree Peony 'Anna Marie' has a deep raspberry flare at its base that accents a small tuft of golden stamen. Very elegant flower. Named in honor of Bill Seidl's mother.



Alluring peach semi-double with rose red edging. Inner petals are ruffled; outer petals are round and well-formed. Fragrant with good stem strength and substance.
Brilliant strawberry red semi-double with a blush of gold on underside of petals. Attractive cutleaf foliage adds to this plant's intrigue.
Many rows of petals give a full, frothy look to this huge flower of deep cherry red. The outstanding flowers on Tree Peony 'Black Panther' are accompanied by distinctive cutleaf foliage on a sturdy, well-formed plant.



Semi-double blossoms of very dark, rich burgundy. Each ruffled petal turns a different direction for a graceful, tousled appearance. Tree Peony 'Boreas' has flowers that are held well above the foliage. Fragrant.
Large, lovely blossoms in a delicate shade of pink unfurl their ruffled, crepe-papery petals revealing small rose-red inner flares. Possibly the best light pink Moutan tree peony.
High quality, bright and shiny, large flowered red single. Two rows of ruffled and fluted guard petals hold the flower form nicely. Vigorous, healthy grower.



Light mauve pink, large single to semi-double Moutan with purple hue and prominent purple flares. Waxy, deep green foliage.
Abundant creamy yellow single blossoms edged in rose with interesting small red-raspberry flares. Tree Peony 'Golden Vanitie' blooms in abundance.
Very large, airy blooms in shades of mauve and lavender. Purple flares add a striking contrast. Tree Peony 'Guardian of the Monastery' is very beautiful and a strong grower.




Most appealing blend of creamy gold, pink, ivory and rose. Tree Peony 'Happy Days' is a rare variety from Professor Saunders "Tea-Rose" group.
Luscious, deep brick red blooms with ruffled petals. Strong stems. Fragrant. Tree Peony 'Hephestos' is an American Peony Society Gold Medal winner.
Single dusty rose with yellow undertones and deep rose veins. Crinkled flower petals are notched with purple center flares. Stamens are fine and golden.



Pure red with two rows of pointed, notched petals. Center petals reach for the sky; outer petals stretch out like wings. Fragrant with delicate foliage and good stem strength.
Dramatic, velvety dark red blooms on a backdrop of graceful green foliage. Dark maroon flares accent each enormous petal on the Tree Peony 'Iphigenia'.
Striking mauve-pink petals are highlighted by deep plum colored flares which add an air of mystery to this gorgeous flower. Reliable, with large, wavy edged blooms, good stem strength, and a light fragrance. Tree Peony 'Leda' has been chosen as the American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner for 2014.



Light and airy, fluffy, vivid pink Moutan with darker colored flares. Tree Peony 'Lilith' has a vigorous growth habit and abundant blooms. Originally named 'Lady of the Lake'.
Pearly mauve to peachy yellow suffused with rose. Deep raspberry flares and a ring of golden yellow stamens. Heavy bloomer with a vigorous and rounded plant habit.
Eye-catching dark maroon single on strong stems. Tree Peony 'Murad of Hershey Bar' is a reliable Moutan with excellent medium green foliage. It is often the very first Tree Peony to bloom.



Most attractive blend of coral, peach and gold on rounded petals with deep purple flares. The fragrant flowers of Tree Peony 'Nike' stand well above its foliage. Strong stems.
One of the most vibrant red tree peonies to be found. Very large buds open to a dramatic blaze of scarlet, 8-10", semi-double blooms. Tree Peony 'Prometheus' is reliable with good substance.
Creamy yellow delicately and deliciously brushed with rose. Each blossom of Tree Peony 'Right Royal' has deep raspberry flares emanating from the flower center.



Bright, clear, luminous yellow blooms complemented by deep red flares generously cover this low growing plant. Flowers have beautiful form and heavy substance. An excellent landscape subject.
Large, well petalled, beautiful blossoms of most pleasing lavender with shades of purple. The flower petals are somewhat ruffled and upturned. Tree Peony 'Royal Robe' makes an exciting garden specimen. Fragrant.
Unique attractive highly ruffled large blossoms in varying shades of vivid pink. The flower's stigmas match the petal colors which further complement an already beautiful flower. Tree Peony 'Rumpled Rose Ruffles' has good substance, is reliable with a good amount of bloom, and has good stem strength.



Large single of ivory, veined and edged with a deep rose and lavender. Flares are a deeper, darker rose and anthers are thick and golden. Each petal is uniquely twisted and ruffled.
This Moutan is a pure white, semi-double with good substance and vigor. The flower is so elegant that it seems to exist only in the fantasy world. The three rows of petals are arranged in perfect order as if they are suspended from the center by invisible strings. A light touch of raspberry flares completes the blooms of Tree Peony 'Sea of Tranquility'.
Golden blossoms edged and suffused with red and rose have dark inner petal flares - a very pleasing combination. Strong and vigorous grower.



Coral blooms enhanced by orange and red veining. Single, with two rows of petals that move in and out as though in dance. Fragrant.
Enticing black-crimson with satiny petals streaked with scarlet. Center of bright yellow anthers makes a striking contrast. Finely cut foliage. Floriferous.
Bright, deep rose-red flowers are fluffy, full and impressive. Tree Peony 'Toichi Ruby' is a vigorous grower with abundant, well carried blooms. Fragrant.



Clear yellow petals unfold in sequence, opening into crisply ruffled blossoms of crushed silk. Each stem will often have three blooms.
Striking golden yellow with small red flares at the base of each flower petal. Fragrant with good substance.
Enormous pearly pink flowers highlighted by creamy peach and mauve. Ruby flares grace the center. Foliage is a broad, deep green.





All 36 Tree Peonies




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Tree Peonies (Paeonia)

Favorites of Greek gods and Japanese emperors, woody stemmed tree peonies truly are the rare jewels of the peony world.

Woody stemmed, shrublike plants will grow to their mature size in 5 to 8 years. Blossoms will reach 5"-6" wide. Plants range from 2 1/2' to 5' tall.

Provide light shade from the hot mid-day sun and protection from drying winds.

Recommended to be hardy in USDA Zones 4-8.

size we sell

We propagate and grow all of our tree peony offerings. We ship 3-to 4-year-old plants in 1.07 gallon/4.08 liter pots from spring through fall. All plants are ready for immediate planting.

Intersectional or Itoh Hybrids

Intersectional peony hybrids, also known as Itoh hybrids, named in honor of Toichi Itoh, the originator of these unique hybrid peonies. They are representative of the progeny of crossing or hybridizing the two main groups or selections of peonies; the herbaceous hybrids which die down sub surface buds during their dormant season and the tree or woody shrub peonies which retain a year round woody branch structure above ground level. During their dormant season, the Itoh or Intersectional hybrids retain only extremely short (1"-2") woody stems above ground level. Ornamentally, they achieve the best of both parental worlds with the handsome flowers and foliage of the woody tree peonies displayed on an herbaceous plant, with annual new growth originating from buds below ground level. Strong healthy plants form attractive dense, neat rounded bushes which are shorter in stature than most tree peonies. Flowers are displayed above the handsome foliage that remains greener longer than their herbaceous parents. Intersectional hybrids are somewhat hardier than tree peonies and more tolerant of heat and humidity which extends their ornamental potential in both the north and south.

>Intersectional or Itoh Hybrid Varieties

Japanese Moutan

Popular in western gardens for over a century, Japanese Moutan Tree Peonies were introduced into Japan by Chinese and Korean monks during the eighth century A.D. They were further developed by Japanese monks, becoming favorites of numerous Japanese emperors and were planted and revered in temple gardens in ancient cities of Kyoto and Osaka. Beautiful, large, single to double flowers range from bright scarlet, purple, pale pink to pure white with crepe-paper like petals and bear traditional, romantic Japanese cultivar names. The spectacular flowers are accompanied by handsome, divided foliage that extends the ornamental period of interest. Forming an upright to rounded long-lived shrub, they are a superb choice for creating focal points in the garden. We have selected and propagate the best forms for North American gardens.

>Japanese Moutan Varieties

Nassos Daphnis Hybrids

Born in Sparta, Greece, contemporary New York artist Nassos Daphnis was a close friend and business partner of William Gratwick. Their relationship has ensured survival and ongoing use for breeding of Gratwick's tree peonies. For many years, Daphnis would visit Gratwick in spring to hybridize and evaluate new progeny. Today, the Daphnis hybrids represent the 4th, 5th and 6th breeding generations. From the start, he established extremely high judging criteria with only very small numbers achieving the ultimate accolade of been assigned a Greek mythological name. Chacteristically, his progeny display symmetrical, beautiful colored flowers above attractive foliage which all make excellent garden plants. Many knowledgeable enthusiasts consider Daphnis tree peonies the zenith of woody peony breeding.

>Nassos Daphnis Varieties

Sir Peter Smithers Hybrids

A distinguished British national and international political and diplomatic career was paralleled by a love of gardening which culminated in the creation of Vico Morcote, his magnificent home and garden on Switzerland's Lake Lugano. An appreciation and curiosity regarding the beauty of flowers stimulated an interest in tree peonies, Nerines and true lilies. Using P. rockii with its handsome, prominently flared petals, Sir Peter created a number of outstanding tree peony hybrids which were named for friends and family with arguably the finest creation reserved for his devoted wife for over 50 years, Dojean. His creative instincts enabled him to become an award winning photographer and the author of a fascinating book "Adventures of a Gardener" about his life and love of gardening. Song Sparrow is honored to exclusively offer a selection of Sir Peter's magnificent tree peony hybrids.

>Sir Peter Smithers Varieties

Professor A. P. Saunders Hybrids

A chemistry Professor at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York during the early part of the 20th century, Professor Saunders is today considered the "Father" of the modern hybrid peony. He carried out extensive, scientifically based breeding programs with both herbaceous and Tree Peonies with the assistance of friends at the New York Botanical Garden. His Tree Peony work centered on the intercrossing of two species, the yellow flowered P. lutea and the orange-red P. delavayi with existing classical Japanese Moutan varieties. The resultant progeny produced a range of flower colors from lemon and golden yellow to ivory and pearl shades frequently blended and suffused with purple and pink, plus a few strawberry-red cultivars. In all cases, the flowers are displayed above attractive cut-leaf foliage. Eventually his daughter, Silvia took over her father's nursery, and after several decades Professor Saunder's hybrids are still in great demand by gardeners worldwide.

>A. P. Saunders Varieties

American Hybrids

Tree Peonies bred and propagated in North America are fully adapted for their successful growth and performance in a range of climate and cultural conditions experienced across the continent. Vigor and disease resistance, especially an absence of harmful viruses ensures an annual production of large and spectacular flowers displayed above and against a backdrop of beautiful foliage, which extends ornamental interest after the flowers. We propagate all our North American Tree Peony Hybrids at our nursery and are convinced they truly represent an outstanding long-term investment in your landscape.

>American Hybrid Varieties

William Gratwick Hybrids

Harvard educated, this true Renaissance man created extensive gardens embellished with his sculptures and beloved tree peonies at this extensive Pavilion estate in Genesee County, in upstate New York. A friend and assistant to Professor Saunders, Gratwick inherited many of his best tree peony hybrids and continued the breeding program. In addition to importing Paeonia suffruticosa seed from Japan, he selected only the finest flowering forms. Several of his finest introductions, for example 'Guardian of the Monastery' and 'Companion of Serenity' are the standards by which other tree peony varieties are judged. In addition to establishing a tree peony nursery, he breed historic breeds of sheep and show horses, on the estate and authored several privately published books.

>William Gratwick Varieties

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We are happy to offer our customers new plant varieties including many that are exclusive to Song Sparrow or rare and hard to find. Our selections are based upon many outstanding features including flowers, foliage, form, and extended seasonal interest, combined with ease of culture. We hope you enjoy these new plant selections!

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