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Ruffled, fragrant, clear medium-pink blossoms have striking beauty. Excellent for vigor, foliage, and stem strength.
Very floriferous with good strength, excellent vigor and substance. Deep burgundy wine blossoms open to a center of yellow stamens.
Soft yellow flowers flushed with a rosy red edging are held on strong stems. Golden anthers show well against the deep red flares. Single blooms have good substance. Tree Peony 'Calypso' is fragrant, reliable and vigorous with dark green foliage. Extremely appealing!



Light, ruffled and cheerful semi-double. Tree Peony 'Cherry Festival' has large blossoms in a beautiful shade of light cherry red. Delightful flowers have a texture almost like crepe paper.
Bright, cherry-red, ruffled and vibrant blooms presented nicely above their foliage. Flowers have good substance.
Large, lovely blossoms in a delicate shade of pink unfurl their ruffled, crepe-papery petals revealing small rose-red inner flares. Possibly the best light pink Moutan tree peony.



Tree Peony 'Ezra Pound' has a gentle flush of lavender pink on white blooms accented with dark rosy purple flares. Large single to semi-double blooms. Moutan type Tree Peony. Waxy, deep green foliage.
Very large, airy blooms in shades of mauve and lavender. Purple flares and golden anthers add a striking contrast. Tree Peony 'Guardian of the Monastery' is very beautiful and a strong grower.
Bright, rosy carmine blossoms with fluffy, airy and crinkled petals. Naturally dwarf in growth to about 24-30" tall. Tree Peony 'Hinode Sekai' is a very good bloomer for us, with nicely held flowers well distributed across the rounded top of the plant.



Stunning and abundant blooms! Large, full, pink double flowers have good substance and are held on very rigid stems. Blooms can reach 10" in diameter. Tree Peony 'Joanna Gilbert' is a profuse bloomer and very vigorous.
More petallage than Joseph Rock, but same vigor, lush foliage and staggering blossom beauty. Radiant white with purple inner flares. Rare and seldom offered. A strong plant with fragrant blooms.
Fluffy, fragrant white single to semi-double accented with rich purple flares. This rare variety has a vigorous plant habit, and is highly prized by gardeners worldwide. Tree Peony 'Joseph Rock' is a superior garden heirloom.



Large, lavender blossoms have hints of deep blue-pink and flares of dark plum surrounding yellow stamens. Graceful, with a refined demeanor and ruffled, lacy blooms. Reliable, floriferous, and strong stemmed.
Rich deep red high crowned blossoms with excellent style and substance. A showy center base of golden stamens completes the blooms of Tree Peony 'Rimpo'.
Outstanding large, very airy, ruffled cameo-pink satin blossoms. Certainly one of the top Moutan varieties for beauty.



Vigorous, excellent garden and landscape variety with numerous rosy-red fluffy blossoms well-held above the foliage.
Ruffled, snowy white flowers have fringed and slightly crinkled petals. Dark green plant foliage.
Beautiful, jewel-like color is a luminous light red to dark pink with a bluish overcast. Tree Peony 'Thalia' has very graceful blooms with the petals forming two circles around the bases in perfect harmony. Good substance, fragrant. Reliable bloomer with good stem strength. Light green foliage, vigorous.



Bright, deep rose-red flowers are fluffy, full and impressive. Tree Peony 'Toichi Ruby' is a vigorous grower with abundant, well carried blooms. Fragrant.
Clear yellow petals unfold in sequence, opening into crisply ruffled blossoms of crushed silk. Each stem will often have three blooms.
Frothy lavender pink, semi-double, ruffled petals with deeper lavender-red flares. Tree Peony 'Wauceda Princess' has a mounded plant habit and is very floriferous. Slender but strong stems.



Smooth and clear silky pink blossoms open from gracefully pointed buds. Attractive leaves are deeply cut and show hints of deep purple-red. The blooms on Tree Peony 'Yachiyo Tsubaki' are nicely tailored and a perfect match to the fine foliage.



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Tree Peonies

Tree Peonies are woody stemmed shrubs that will grow to their mature size in 5 to 8 years. Blossoms will reach 5-7" wide, unless otherwise noted, and the plants will reach 3 1/2' to 5' tall and wide.

Recommended for USDA Zones 4-8.

A few of our Tree Peonies,
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We propagate and grow all of the Tree Peonies we offer for sale. We ship 3-to 4-year-old plants in 1.07 gallon/4.08 liter pots from spring through fall.

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