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All 7 Junior Conifers











All 7 Junior Conifers





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Junior Conifers

These evergreens are shipped in a smaller, "Junior" pot size compared to our other evergreen pots. Their ultimate size can vary from miniature to large, please check individual listings. Their unique characteristics will enrich areas such as rock gardens, troughs, containers, raised beds, and outdoor railroad gardens.

  • The smaller pot size allows us to offer Junior Conifers at lower prices than our other conifers, making it easier to add them to an evergreen collection.
  • Small gravel chips in the soil or compost, together with a thin layer on the soil surface will aid in drainage and aesthetic appeal.
  • Shipped in 1.68 pint/798ml pot size.

    Woody Plants: Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens and Vines

    Shrubs, trees, and conifers form the backbone of a landscape, creating the feeling of permanence and advancing maturity. Their flowers, leaves, berries, and bark herald the changing seasons.

  • See individual listings of the woody plants we offer for sale for the suggested sun, shade, soil requirements, and the recommended USDA Hardiness Zones.

  • We ship nicely established, 2- to 3-year-old plants in 2.59 quart/2.45 liter containers, except where indicated in listings.
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