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Pure white, large, bowl-shaped 6-7" flowers that emerge prior to the spring foliage. Upright to spreading, medium sized habit. Hybrid of M. cylindrica x M. 'Sawada's Pink'. Very fragrant. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Unusual color blend! Spring blooms have a creamy ivory base with prominent red-lavender flaring and streaking with some green tints. Parentage of Magnolia 'Arctic Star' is thought to be M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Toro'. Strong and hardy. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Large blossoms are a deep pink-red to purple with soft pink to cream inside, they open shortly before the foliage begins to appear. Magnolia 'Betty' was hybridized at the U.S. National Arboretum as one of the 'Little Girls' magnolia series. It has Magnolia stellata in its parentage so it blooms heavily at a young age and is hardy. Midseason blooming, slightly later than M. stellata and M. x soulangiana, which helps reduce the risk of damage to flowers if there is a late spring frost. Magnolia 'Betty' is a cross between M. liliiflora 'Nigra' and M. stellata 'Rosea'. Our Magnolia are all grown on their own roots.



Glowing magenta blooms have lightest pink interiors. A Dennis Ledvina or Phil Savage selection made available with permission of the curator of the National Arboretum in San Francisco. Magnolia 'Blazing Beauty' is thought to be of hybrid origin and labeled as M. liliflora x M. 'Diva'. Reaches to approximately 25' tall by 15' wide after 15 years. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Fragrant blooms have a burgundy exterior and a creamy yellow interior. Has an upright growth habit, the form is approximately half as wide as it is tall. Vigorous grower. Mid-spring bloom of waxy, colorful flowers. Parentage of Magnolia 'Burgundy Spire' is M.'Yellow Bird' x M. 'Apollo'. Matures to approximately 15 to 20' tall and 7-10' wide. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Fragrant and showy light yellow blooms. In cool weather the color will intensify, warm days bring lighter blooms. A consistently heavy bloomer each year. In northern areas it will begin flowering in mid to late April and will continue well into May. Flower buds withstand very cold temperatures very well. Parentage of Magnolia 'Canary Charm' is M. acuminata x M. White Rose.



Huge flowers with colors of red, purple and pink on the outside and palest pink to white within. Magnolia 'Charming Lady' is a cross of M. 'Lennei' and M. 'Toro'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Very fragrant pink, purple and white goblet-shaped blooms. Floriferous, with flowers comprised of 6 tepals creating a generous display in mid-spring of blooms that resemble small hot air balloons perched along the branches. Very cold hardy. Magnolia 'Cosmic Gem' is a complex hybrid cross of M. liliflora x M. acuminata x M. 'Norman Gould' x M. 'White Rose'. Will grow to be a 20' tall by 10' wide at approximately 25 years of age. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Uniquely and alluringly twisted tepals. Abundant bloomer. Hardy, attractive, and unusual. Magnolia Crazy LadyTM is an open pollinated seedling from Magnolia stellata 'Jane Platt'. We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.



A crescendo of huge, deep pink flowers forms in spring, starting from tiny flower buds that unfurl, open, then fully expand for a fabulous show. Inner sides of tepals are glistening white. Magnolia 'Crescendo' is a seedling of 'Yellow Lantern'; 'Big Dude' is believed to be the pollen parent. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Fragrant lily-like blooms are white with a touch of rose-pink at the base; they open in spring before the leaves emerge. The flowers, comprised of 9 tepals and up to 3" in size, are followed by cylindrical fruits up to 4" long that mature in fall to a bright pink-red as they split open to reveal red seeds. Magnolia cylindrica has dark green foliage that emerges with bronze tints in spring; it turns yellow in fall. Smooth gray bark. This Magnolia species is native to southeastern China; it is sometimes called Huangshan Magnolia because its original territory includes the area around Mt. Haungshan. Matures to 20-30' tall and 10-16' wide.
Palest pink blooms can have more than 40 tepals showing good, thick substance. Magnolia 'Dawn' also has fall interest with leaves changing to yellow and orange tones. Graceful appearance. Grown on own roots.



Stylish, elegant ivory blossoms with inner hints of soft pink. Very appealing classic, fragrant flowers with 24 tepals. Parent plant bloomed very well at 5-6' with about 50 flowers. Parentage of Magnolia 'Elegant Spring' is M. 'Leonard Messel' x M. 'White Rose'. Grown on own roots.
One of the most fragrant of all Magnolias! Strongly scented 6" wide, early spring flowers consist of 9-11 tepals displaying on delicate pale lavender-pink on outer surface and pinkish-white within. Forms a small, tree with young growth initially upright, eventually becoming more spreading and rounded. Magnolia 'Emma Cook' is a Dr. Frank Galyon hybrid (M. denudata x M. stellata 'Waterlily'). Grown on own roots.
Rosy purple blooms with ivory interiors on nicely compact, upright growing plants. Magnolia 'First Love' is similar to Magnolia liliflora, but with greater hardiness. Maturing to approximately 12-15' tall and 8-10' wide with a pyramidal habit. Parentage is M. liliflora x M. 'Woodsman'.



Sweetly fragrant, pure white, large, upright blossoms in spring. Large, bold summer foliage. Magnolia 'Fragrant Angel' was selected, preserved, and propagated from the work of the renowned American plantsman, Professor Joe McDaniel. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Large flowers of soft and deeper pink shades over a cream base in spring. Magnolia 'Gorgeous' has unusual parentage of M. acuminata 'Fertile Myrtle' x M. sargentiana 'Robusta'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Large, stately flowers with a creamy yellow interior and a blush pink exterior grace this Magnolia. Nine tepals per bloom. A vigorous, hardy tree with a narrower, upright growth habit. From Dennis Ledvina. Grown on own roots.



Abundant pink and ivory starbursts! Magnolia Jazzy JaneTM blooms in early spring with a very plentiful show of unusual starfish-like blossoms of bright rose pink. The 14 to 18 tepals have an inner color of light pink to ivory. Blooms at a young age. An alluring Magnolia whose seed parent was Magnolia 'Jane Platt'. Excellent hardiness through zone 4 and the warmer half of zone 3 (3b). Grown on own roots.
Beautiful cream blooms are tinted with spring green and suffused with pink shades that deepen at the base. Light lavender streaks provide an additional accent. Among the many highly rated Magnolias we grow, Magnolia Jean LouiseTM is especially outstanding. Roy named this lovely tree in honor of his mother-in-law. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Pleasing, elegant long upright blooms of greenish cream with lavender-pink and ivory blends. Very hardy. Slightly fragrant. About 80 blooms on parent tree when it was 8' tall, each with 6-8 tepals. Parentage of Magnolia 'Lady Woodsman' is M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Pink Surprise'. Our Magnolia are grown on their own roots.



Very fragrant, vivid lavender pink blooms with contrasting white interior. Comprised of 6 tepals, the flowers resemble a star when fully open. Consistant and generous displays of spring blooms. Emergent foliage is tinted burgundy; it matures to green in early summer. Parentage of Magnolia Magnolia 'Lavender Star' is M. liliflora 'O'Neill' x M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Gorgeous'. Dense, compact growth habit. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Unusual and attractive blend of desert colors. The outer color of the blooms is a warm biscuit to gold accented with lavender streaking. The inner color is a pleasant light cream-yellow. Magnolia Painted DesertTM is a vigorous and healthy grower. The parent plant is growing hardiness zone 5a, where it has never experienced winter damage. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Rich, royal purple, petite, refined blossoms in spring. Magnolia 'Petite Royal Whisper' has flowers 4-5" wide with six tepals. The inner side of the tepals is a light lavender purple darkening at the base with inner purple veining. Slightly fragrant. Upright, well presented jewel-tone blossoms create a beautiful effect in spring. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



Lovely and appealing blooms. Magnolia 'Pink Perfection' has lilac-pink flowers with 42-48 tepals; more pink coloration in cooler weather. A slow growing, bushy, floriferous tree. A seedling of Magnolia 'Encore' (M. x loebneri 'Encore', self-pollinated). We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Numerous, cheerful, colorful blooms of rich purple with ivory interiors. About 150 nice blossoms on the parent tree when it was 7' tall, each with 6 to 8 tepals. Slightly fragrant. Good bloom coverage from the top of the plant, down the sides, and almost to the ground. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Fragrant, glowing raspberry rose-pink goblet-shaped blooms open wide for a beautiful display. The inner tepals are white with a soft pink blush. Vibrant blossoms shine all the more in cloudy weather. Roy rates this selection very high on his list of favorites. Very hardy. Blooms have 8-9 tepals. Parentage is M. 'Toro' x M. 'Daybreak'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



Beautifully fragrant and Midwest cold hardy. Large blossoms of rich rose-red with white interiors. Strong growing upright clone. Magnolia 'Red Baron' is an introduction hybridized in Wisconsin by Dennis Ledvina. Grown on own roots.
Abundant, fragrant, cup-shaped spring blossoms are fuchsia with pink overtones. Very hardy, as one of its parents is Magnolia stellata. This smaller, upright Magnolia makes a beautiful focal point in the garden.

One of the 'Little Girl' series of Magnolia, 'Ricki' blooms 2-4 weeks later than M. stellata and M. soulangiana, greatly reducing the risk of damage to flowers from late spring frosts. Flowers bloom shortly before the foliage begins to appear. It is a slow-growing small tree with a compact, shrubby habit that eventually matures to 8-12’ tall and wide. Magnolia 'Ricki' is a cross between M. liliiflora 'Nigra' and M. stellata 'Rosea'. Excellent hardiness through zone 4 and the warmer half of zone 3 (3b). We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.

Large flowers with nine broad tepals. The blossoms exterior is a vivid rose pink with an interior of solid medium pink. Magnolia 'Rose Marie' is a very late and long bloomer and quite floriferous. Parentage is 'Pink Surprise x 'Daybreak'. Hybridized by Wisconsin plantsman Dennis Ledvina. Grown on own roots.



Magnolia 'Royal Tapestry' has large buds which open to an unusual, beautiful tapestry blend of reddish purple and greenish purple blooms with light pink to white interiors. Slightly scented blooms have 6 tepals. Upright form. Very hardy. Blooms late in season. Parentage M.'Woodsman' x M. 'Pink Surprise'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
A stunning combination of pure white tepals surround the prominent rose pink stamens on this semi-double, fragrant Magnolia. Michiko-renge is the Japanese name for this lovely blossom form. Blooms quite a bit later than most Magnolia, in early summer, well past the danger of normal frosts. Grown on own roots.
Enticing lemon fragrance on luminous blossoms of soft green, ivory, cream with touches of light lavender pink streaking. Healthy and hardy with strong, upright growth. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



Light lavender-pink buds with deeper lavender-red stripes and veining. Fragrant blossoms cover the entire tree. Unique, attractive, and happy selection will bring you spring cheer! Grown on own roots.
Classy and gracefully elegant, ivory blossoms with soft pink undersides and inner rose flares. Parent tree bloomed well at 5-6' tall. Slightly scented with 28 tepals. Upright, well branched plants. Parentage is M. 'Leonard Messel' x M. 'White Rose'. Grown on own roots.
Strongly fragrant flowers of deep royal purple-red with an ivory-white interior emerge before the foliage. Blooms at a young age with gracefully elongated flowers consisting of 6 tepals. Spring blooms are well distributed over the entire upright specimen. A Dennis Ledvina selection (M. 'Holland Red' x M. 'White Rose'). Grown on own roots.



Beautiful Star Magnolia whose flowers resemble Chrysanthemums. They consist of 40+ slender tepals which lighten from a rich pink to white, and emerge prior to mid-green foliage, which turns an attractive yellow-brown in fall. Heavily blooming at young age. Magnolia 'Chrysanthemiflora' forms a neat, rounded specimen, ideal for smaller landscapes. We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.
Beautiful pearl white flowers form up and down the graceful stems. Even the white buds stand out nicely all along the stems. Excellent parentage of M. denudata x M. cylindrica. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Deep yellow flowers, appearing before the leaves, are about 6-7" in diameter. Flowers late after all danger of frost. This hybrid is extremely upright growing, making it ideally suitable for small gardens and street trees. Highly recommended. Parentage is M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Elizabeth'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



Sweetly fragrant, large white flowers with a hint of pink are comprised of up to twelve broad tepals. Blooms in late spring, after foliage emerges. Bold, tropical looking, 10-12" leaves add season-long drama. Parentage of Magnolia 'Sweet Love' is M. sieboldii x M. 'Oriental Charm' (a complex big leaf Magnolia hybrid). Very cold hardy. Can grow to approximately 20-25' tall. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Sweetly fragrant, elegant blossoms are a deep, rich red-purple outside; inside they are ivory with a blush of royal purple-red at their base. Bloomed well when the plant was 5-6' tall, a 7' plant had about 60 buds including some nicely placed low on the plant. Flowers have 6 tepals. Parentage is M. 'Holland Red' x M. 'White Rose'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Large and fragrant beautiful blossoms of light cream pink with prominent rose-red streaking. Strong growing larger specimen tree which is very hardy. Half its parentage is M. acuminata. A Phil Savage hybrid. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



White blooms followed by interesting pink fruit. Blooms late in the Magnolia season, which helps it avoid frosts. Striking leaves are thick and can reach up to 24" in length. Cultivar of a North American native. Original tree was from a Pennsylvania seed source, raised by Philip Savage, Jr. in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and registered by J. C. McDaniel. Magnolia tripetala 'Bloomfield' can reach up to 20-30' tall and wide. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Refined and graceful large ivory-white blossoms with a hint of fresh lime green at the base of the tepals. Upright, narrower plant habit. Parentage is M. 'Woodsman' x M. 'Big Dude'. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
An exceptionally hardy Joe McDaniel hybrid producing most unusually colored, beautiful blossoms in late spring after damage from late frosts has passed. Each erect, fragrant flower reveals complementary hues of yellow, green, purple and rose. A rarely encountered specimen tree. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



Breathtaking, dark purple to almost black vase-shaped blooms have contrasting creamy white interiors and a subtle fragrance. Blooms in late spring into early summer, so many damaging frosts are avoided. Magnolia'Black Beauty' forms a vigorous upright small tree for an open or lightly shaded location. Exceptional hardiness. A thrilling introduction from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden breeding program.
Lovely and hardy Magnolia hybrid from Phil Savage produces an abundance of yellow spring blossoms that perch like butterflies on its branches. These blooms appear before the leaves and are one of the thrills of spring. Magnolia 'Butterflies' matures to a large specimen with time. Grown on own roots.
One of the truly outstanding hybrid Magnolias of all times; raised at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. A strong growing, globe shaped extremely hardy small tree which, in mid spring before the leaves emerge, is clothed in strongly fragrant, creamy yellow flowers, each sporting a central cluster of red stamens. M. acuminata x M. denudata. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.



Flowering at an early age, this extremely hardy grower displays its light yellow blossoms just as the new leaves unfurl in early to mid spring. Magnolia x 'Goldfinch' has a tall, upright, pyramidal to oval habit. Grown on own roots.
Exceptionally large, 6", fragrant pure white blossoms cover this tree in spring before the leaves emerge. A mature tree in full bloom resembles a glistening white pyramid. Magnolia 'Wada's Memory' is an introduction from the University of Washington. It forms a compact, pyramidal tree. Begins to flower at an early age. Leaves emerge a mahogany red before turning green and assume bronze tones in fall. Requires a sunny sheltered site and a moisture retentive soil. Matures to approximately 20-30' tall and 15-20' wide.
Large, fragrant white flowers blushed with pink. Vigorous cultivar known for its floriferous bloom. Fragrant, star-like white flowers, up to 3-1/2" wide, bloom in spring. Each flower has 15 or more petals that are blushed with faint pink at the base. Narrow green leaves up to 5" long. Developed at the Arnold Arboretum and named for its past director, Elmer Drew Merrill, in 1952. Magnolia 'Merrill' matures to 20-30' tall and wide. We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.



Neatly tailored, fragrant, pure white spring blooms have multiple tepals for a look reminiscent of small gardenias or roses. Magnolia 'White Rose' is an upright grower with bronze fall foliage. Grown on own roots and known to bloom as a young plant. In southern Wisconsin, blooms will appear between the first and second week of May. A seedling selection of M. 'Ballerina'. We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.
When these soft pink to white blooms open, they resemble pompom chrysanthemums. Flowers are 4-5" wide and have 52 tepals. A seedling selected by Larry Langford of Gibson, Tennessee, from a batch of seed of Magnolia kobus var. borealis sent by William Seidl of Wisconsin. Magnolia 'Wildcat' begins to flower before the leaves emerge, from early to mid spring, over a six-week period.
Beautiful 5" tulip-shaped flowers are a rich red-purple outside with a pure white interior; they open over a four week period in early spring. Slightly scented. Magnolia x 'Marillyn' is extremely hardy, with a rounded shrub form. Parentage is M. lilliflora 'Nigra' x M. kobus. We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.



Sweetly fragrant blooms are rich lavender pink with a soft pink inner color. The 6-8 tepals are broad and remain upright. Semi-glossy foliage with rugose texture. Parentage is M. 'O'Neill' x M. 'Norman Gold'. Grown on own roots.
Blooms at a young age with light lavender-pink, cup shaped, slightly fragrant flowers. Magnolia 'Simple Pleasures' is a mid-season bloomer and is extremely flower bud hardy. From Wisconsin plantsman Dennis Ledvina. Rounded habit. Grown on own roots.
Gorgeous flowers highlight this easily grown hardy hybrid Magnolia from the late renowned American plantsman Professor Joe McDaniel. Extremely fragrant, large 5-6" cupped shaped, strong textured white flowers are further enhanced by a subtle interior pink base. Flowers are freely produced from mid to late spring. Magnolia 'Barrington Belle' has an upright habit that becomes more spreading with age. Grown on own roots.



Ideal for the small garden! Found as a witch's broom this is an unusually compact Magnolia, with proportionately smaller pink and white blooms in spring. In the first 10 years, the original 'Kiki's Broom' grew to approximately 2' tall by 5' wide, then it gradually matured into a slightly taller, more rounded shape. Grown on own roots.
Large, fragrant, tulip-shaped, creamy yellow flowers are up to 6-8" across and have light pink tints at the base. Blooms in spring as the new leaves emerge. Parentage of Magnolia 'Yellow Lantern' is M. acuminata var. subcordata x M. x soulangiana 'Alexandrina' (also known as 'Big Pink'). Pyramidal to oval habit. Matures over time to 20-25' tall and 12-18' wide. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Abundant, large, sweetly fragrant flowers. Magnolia 'Pink Parchment' is among the earliest of the Magnolia to bloom, in February in Athens, Georgia, in March when growing in its more northern range. Purple-pink buds open to white blooms. Tepals have narrow center stripes of pink that flare out and shade into deep purple-pink at the outside base of the blooms. Blooms are approximately 4" across, which is about 50% larger than the species’ average. Extremely sweet scent.

This selection was remarkably heat and drought tolerant during its evaluation period in Athens, doing well during several much dryer than typical years without supplemental water. Conical-pyramidal growth habit, forms a medium sized tree. Blooms well as a young plant.



The Plant Lover’s Guide to Magnolias by Andrew Bunting

Beloved for their iconic spring blossoms, Magnolias are among the most popular flowering trees. In The Plant Lover’s Guide to Magnolias expert Andrew Bunting shares information on growing, garden use, and design. Included is a beautiful selection of top Magnolia choices, from large shrubs to towering trees. Gorgeous and informative reference book; thoughtful gift for a plant lover.

Andrew Bunting is the assistant director of the Chicago Botanic Garden and is on the board of directors for the Magnolia Society International.

Timber Press, 2016, 250 color photographs, 224 pages, hardcover.



All 61





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Magnolia (Magnolia)

Spectacular, breathtaking spring blooms qualify Magnolias as aristocrats of the landscape. We offer the finest new introductions, including many from North American hybridizers, plus a choice selection of time proven classics. In addition to their beautiful flower forms and colors, many varieties are also fragrant. Our Magnolia are grown on their own roots. Plant a Magnolia and watch the gorgeous floral display unfold each spring!

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