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All 31 Best Sellers 2018

Grace, fall color, and hardiness! The refined character of a Japanese Maple can now be enjoyed to a zone 4 hardiness range! This hybrid selection, developed in Madison, Wisconsin, by Professor Emeritus Ed Hasselkus, originated from seed of the tough and cold-hardy Korean maple, but most resembles its A. palmatum parent. Graceful, deeply incised leaves emerge bronze, are green in summer, then glow with bright orange-red to deep red color in fall. Upright when young, spreading when mature, will eventually grow to approximately 20 feet tall by 24 feet wide. A choice tree for courtyards and gardens where the desire for a Japanese Maple has been thwarted by zone 4 conditions. Grown on own roots.
Curling bark and great red fall color! Acer x Shaved ChocolateTM is our second generation selection from Acer griseum x A. nikoense with outstanding glossy bark that peels off in curled flakes for year round interest. Clean summer foliage and vibrant red fall leaf colors add to its desirability. The original tree is about 16' tall and 6' wide. Grown on their own roots.
Extremely long, 24" panicles of densely packed white flowers in mid to late summer. Attracts butterflies. Known as Horsechestnut or Bottlebrush Buckeye this large grower forms an airy, wide spreading, suckering, mound shaped specimen ideal for planting along a shady edge or massed on banks or slopes. Bright yellow fall color.



The tall, upright habit of Andropogon 'Blackhawks' stands out in the landscape and adds a long season of interest. Deep green foliage takes on a deep purple tones in midsummer then later develops accents of dark purple to near black. Selection of a native grass.

Andropogon, also known as Turkey's Foot or Big Bluestem, is a native grass originating in North American prairies. Use in mixed borders, massed on its own or with other grasses, or grow with other native plants to create a naturalized setting. Deer resistant. Drought tolerant when established.
Very large, bowl-shaped blossoms of the cleanest white, with hidden golden stamens. Flower width of 8". Outstanding foliage is an excellent complement to blooms. Peony 'Bowl of Cream' is an American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.

Peonies have large, spectacular blooms in late spring to early summer. An easy to grow perennial, the Peony is very long-lived. Peonies are a favorite for cut flower bouquets. Deer resistant.
Very fragrant, lemon yellow blooms on tall, well-branched plants with abundant buds. Extends the Daylily season. Very late blooming plus rebloom.

Grow Daylily 'Charleston Autumn Moonlight' in a bed or border, as a specimen, or in mass. Daylilies are summer blooming, easy to grow perennials for a sunny to lightly shaded garden.



Blossoms are an unusual baby pink to cream blend, gently ruffled with wire edging. The pink tones deepen towards the outer petal edges. Soft and lovely colors.

Grow Daylily 'Charming Justine' in a bed or border, as a specimen, or in mass. Daylilies are summer blooming, easy to grow perennials for a sunny to lightly shaded garden.

Deep coral buds that open to pleasing coral-peach semi-double blossoms. True color breakthrough for the Peony garden. Peony 'Coral Charm' makes an excellent cut flower. A classic! American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.
An engaging and unusual combination of colors on this light rose-pink picotee with a rosy-burnt-red eye-zone and matching ruffling, green throat blends to yellow. Daylily 'Dancing Senorita' is fragrant, too!



Soft shell pink with smooth guard petals that complement the rose, pink, and white colored centers. Peony 'Do Tell' is an outstanding garden selection and a consistent performer from north to south. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.
Pure white camellia double with every petal in place. Peony 'Elsa Sass' is an elegant variety with perfect fragrant flowers on rigid stems. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.
Salmon-coral fully double blooms with most unusual and attractive, golden etched internal petaloids. Fragrant with good stems. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.



Tree Peony 'Ezra Pound' has a gentle flush of lavender pink on white blooms accented with dark rosy purple flares. Large single to semi-double blooms. Moutan type Tree Peony. Waxy, deep green foliage.
Vivid red, single to semi-double flowers create bright points of color as they float above dense green foliage clumps in late spring to early summer. Vigorous hybrid. Rich, moist soil is ideal, but they will also grow in average soil.
Outstanding fall color distinguishes this selection of the Japanese Hakone Grass. Creamy-yellow and green variegated leaves turn red-purple tones in fall. Tiny reddish-brown flower spikes in airy clusters add beauty during late summer and fall. Hakonechloa 'Naomi' is superb for cascading over rocks, in borders or containers. Hakonechloa are deer resistant.




$26.95, 3 for $75.00
Hosta 'Hans' has wide, glaucous, blue-green leaves with bold white centers that jet outward and are enhanced with a narrow band of lime green. The leaves are corrugated, puckered, and folded, with ruffling at the base. Fabulous interest created by the color pattern and leaf form. Extra vigor, thanks to the green streaks that appear in late summer. Pale lavender flowers on 20-22" scapes in early to midsummer. Sport of Hosta 'Andrew'. With a name like 'Hans' (for the Hosta hybridizer par excellence) we know this will be an outstanding Hosta!
Clear white, 2" to 2-1/2", double flowers with a touch of fresh green at the center, blooms in early spring. Helleborus 'Wedding Bells' is a vigorous grower with abundant blooms from Hans Hanson's Wedding PartyTM series. Hardy to the warmer half of zone 4 (Zone 4b).

Helleborus, also known as Hellebore or Lenten Rose, have long lasting, very early spring blooms and handsome, leathery foliage. Plant in borders or a woodland edge. Give light to moderate shade for best flowering. Tolerant of heat and humidity, and when established, drier conditions. Long lived and highly deer resistant.
Fragrant and showy light yellow blooms. In cool weather the color will intensify, warm days bring lighter blooms. A consistently heavy bloomer each year. In northern areas it will begin flowering in mid to late April and will continue well into May. Flower buds withstand very cold temperatures very well. Parentage of Magnolia 'Canary Charm' is M. acuminata x M. White Rose.



Very fragrant pink, purple and white goblet-shaped blooms. Floriferous, with flowers comprised of 6 tepals creating a generous display in mid-spring of blooms that resemble small hot air balloons perched along the branches. Very cold hardy. Magnolia 'Cosmic Gem' is a complex hybrid cross of M. liliflora x M. acuminata x M. 'Norman Gould' x M. 'White Rose'. Will grow to be a 20' tall by 10' wide at approximately 25 years of age. We grow our Magnolias on their own roots.
Lovely and hardy Magnolia hybrid from Phil Savage produces an abundance of yellow spring blossoms that perch like butterflies on its branches. These blooms appear before the leaves and are one of the thrills of spring. Magnolia 'Butterflies' matures to a large specimen with time. Grown on own roots.
Neatly tailored, fragrant, pure white spring blooms have multiple tepals for a look reminiscent of small gardenias or roses. Magnolia 'White Rose' is an upright grower with bronze fall foliage. Grown on own roots and known to bloom as a young plant. In southern Wisconsin, blooms will appear between the first and second week of May. A seedling selection of M. 'Ballerina'. We grow our Magnolia on their own roots.




$29.95, 3 for $83.00
Fragrant, large, finely formed, deep cream double with a luminous pink blush. The full, many-petalled flowers of Peony 'Moon River' are carried on short, strong stems with dark green foliage.

$28.95, 3 for $80.00
Wine-red Japanese type with a cream to pink puff center. Nice sturdy stems and sweet fragrance. Peony 'Nellie Saylor' blooms create a striking color combination.
Marvelous coral semi-double has rounded petals forming a fine rose shape. Delicate yellow stamens and creamy carpels. Mounded foliage. Peony 'Pink Hawaiian Coral' is fragrant and an excellent cut flower. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.



Thick, glossy, deeply textured leaves in shades of deep bronze to green create a wonderful sculptural accent in the garden. Bright pink flowers bloom in midsummer on 4' tall dark pink stems. Rodgersia 'Bronze Peacock' is more compact in habit than most Rodgersia, with the foliage clump reaching approximately 22" tall. Use as a focal point, in borders, containers, near ponds, or at the woodland edge. They will tolerate wet soil, moist soil is ideal, but will tolerate dryer conditions when established and if given more shade.
Tree Peony 'Spring Carnival' has golden yellow blossoms edged and suffused with red and rose. Very pleasing color combination with the dark inner petal flares.

$29.95, 3 for $83.00
Fragrant blossoms of tightly formed petals have raspberry, cream, and pink shades. A most pleasing and unusual color combination. Peony 'Ursa Minor' has three to four buds per stem, good substance, and strong stems. It is hard to find a smaller proportioned full bomb form Peony; this one is an excellent choice for smaller gardens where a full petalled look is desired.

Peonies have large, spectacular blooms in late spring to early summer. An easy to grow perennial, the Peony is very long-lived. Wonderful for cut flower bouquets. Deer resistant.



Wonderfully fragrant white flowers which open from pink-red buds. Dense, compact, selection produces abundant blooms in spring. Viburnum 'Compactum' has extremely healthy dark green foliage that has beautiful fall color in shades of golden orange to wine red.
Beautiful selection of the Koreanspice Viburnum with dark rose-pink buds that open to fragrant, soft pink flowers in spring. The leaves turn lovely shades of red in fall. Compact growth with good foliage density on this excellent shrub from Mike Yanny in Wisconsin. Plant Viburnum Spiced BouquetTM near the patio where the luxurious flower scent can be fully enjoyed.

$36.00, 3 for $96.00
Full, nicely formed, luminous double white with very slight amounts of red candy striping. Peony 'White Lullaby' has good substance, healthy foliage, and strong stems. Lightly fragrant.



Outstanding selection of our native Wisteria with compact, 6" flower trusses that are tightly packed with deep lavender-blue flowers. Blooms in early summer, then reblooms throughout summer. This vine climbs by twining and is a strong grower but less aggressive than its Asiatic counterparts. Blooms at a young age. Wisteria 'Amethyst Falls' is ideal for covering walls, fences and pergolas. Attracts butterflies, light sweet scent.



All 31 Best Sellers 2018


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