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All 25 Best Sellers 2018

Striking yellow margins surround the large, green, heart-shaped leaves. Hosta 'Afterglow' forms an impressive upright mound in the garden. In early summer, pale lavender flowers on 36" scapes top the clump. Sport of Hosta 'Climax'.

$19.95, 3 for $56.00
Fabulous giant Painted Fern forms a massive, arching clump of silvery fronds with green highlights and dark purple stems. Parentage is thought to be the Japanese Painted Fern and the Lady Fern. Athyrium 'Godzilla' prefers moist, loamy soils where it will spread slowly. Makes a big statement in a mannerly way.

Unusual, beautiful and large mauve blossoms with dark purple inner flares. Vigorous and floriferous with good stem strength. Has variety 'Joseph Rock' in its background.



Double to semi-double shell pink flowers with a bright pink inner ring of petals. Blooms in early spring. Striking dark plum purple winter leaves. Flowers rise above compact foliage mounds just 10" tall. Bergenia have semi-evergreen, leathery, glossy foliage that is the perfect backdrop for the abundance of flowers. Plant Bergenia 'Sakura' in mass, in containers, or along the front of a border.
A lovely selection with smooth cinnamon colored exfoliating bark. Birch are one of the loveliest plants when the new leaves emerge along the graceful stems in spring. Yellow fall color and white stems that shine in the winter are especially attractive with an evergreen background. Betula Cinnamon Flakes TM is a Klehm introduction.
Impressive size! Large, heavily silvered, green veined leaves grow up to 6-1/2" long by 5-1/2" wide. Vigorous grower. Makes a dramatic statement in the landscape, or use as a bold specimen in a container. Sky blue, Forget-Me-Not-type blooms in spring. Deer resistant. Prefers average to slightly moist, well-drained soil. Use Brunnera 'Alexander's Great' for a bold accent in a shady bed or large container.



Dramatic deep pink to fuchsia bracts glow even from a distance. Blooms heavily at a young age. Blooms late spring to early summer. Leaves are an attractive dark green with purple tinges in new growth, especially on young plants. Red fruit in fall is approximately 1" in size. A landmark introduction from Rutgers' distinguished breeding program. A small tree that should reach approximately 15-30' tall when mature. Stunning focal point for the landscape.
Small bright yellow flowers bloom in clusters along the bare branches in early spring, adding welcome color before most other trees or shrubs are in bloom. Shiny, red, edible fruits form in early fall. Cornus officinalis CheerTM was selected by Roy Klehm for good flowering habits, nice fall color, upright growth, and clean healthy foliage.

For extra early blooms, cut a few branches in very late winter, (a few weeks before normal bloom time), and put the stems in a vase with water. Change the water regularly. Buds will soon open for a wonderful start to spring.

Japanese Cornel Dogwoods are noted for their attractive exfoliating, rich brown-orange bark that develops with age. Matures to a small, multi-stemmed tree with a broad habit, 15-25' tall and wide. Excellent for cutting and enjoying indoors. Grow as a specimen or as part of a shrub and ornamental tree border. Fruit is attractive to birds.
Perfectly pretty pink flowers! Prolific bloomer; pink striped, bell-like flowers cover the plant in spring. Burgundy-purple fall color. Elegant blooms on a tough, adaptable plant. Pruning is seldom needed, but it may be trimmed immediately after flowering. Neat, mounded shrub with an arching, spreading habit. Deutzia Yuki Cherry BlossomTM is wonderful on a sunny slope, in a perennial bed, along a path, or use in mass for an outstanding groundcover. Deer resistant. Attracts hummingbirds. A Proven Winners/Color Choice® selection.



Amazing color throughout the season! Vibrant chartreuse to golden-yellow foliage with deep crimson tips. In fall, the colors turn to chartreuse and gold with tones of burnt orange and burgundy-red. Hakonechloa SunFlareTM has a bushy, compact habit.

Hakonechloa, also known as Japanese Forest Grass, is a grass that prefers a shady site. Wonderful to contrast with the wide leaves of Hosta. Superb for cascading over rocks, at the front edge of a border, or spilling out from containers. Hakonechloa are deer resistant.
Fragrant, lavender-purple flowers are freely produced in very early spring. These beautiful blooms of wavy ribbon-like petals are held over an extended period of time. Pleasing yellow-orange leaf color in fall. Selection of our native Witch Hazel by Roy Klehm for its outstanding ornamental qualities. Hamamelis 'Purple Ribbons' has a rounded to upright form and tough, attractive foliage. Reliable even in the upper Midwest. We grow our Hamamelis on their own roots.
Luscious, deep brick red blooms with ruffled petals. Strong stems. Fragrant. Tree Peony 'Hephestos' is an American Peony Society Gold Medal winner.



Large, 9" long blooms are held upright above the bold, dark green foliage. Long lasting flowers open white in early summer, quickly turn pale pink, and then deepen to rose. Foliage turns mahogany red in fall. Hydrangea 'Ruby Slippers' is a compact growing selection of our native Oakleaf Hydrangea. Good choice for shrub borders, as an accent, or planted in mass.
Enchanting pastel blooms. Large pale pink flowers flushed rose-pink towards their tips and upper margins, semi-double on old wood in spring, sometimes single later in the season. Flowers become whiter with age. Pale yellow anthers on cream filaments complete the soft-hued flowers.

Grow Clematis 'Innocent Blush' on a trellis, shrub, obelisk, or an open type fence that allows it to twine through.
Beautiful cream and rosy-red blend flowers. The blooms are rose with ivory shading, with the deepest tones at the centers. The shading on Itoh Peony 'Hillary' gives a lovely feeling of depth to each well formed bloom. Rounded plant habit.



Fragrant and showy light yellow blooms. In cool weather the color will intensify, warm days bring lighter blooms. A consistently heavy bloomer each year. In northern areas it will begin flowering in mid to late April and will continue well into May. Flower buds withstand very cold temperatures very well. Parentage of Magnolia 'Canary Charm' is M. acuminata x M. White Rose.

$28.95, 3 for $80.00
Abundant deep pink buds open to pink flowers. The semidouble to double blooms are three tiers deep, and create the full and fluffy appearance of cotton candy. Malus 'Cotton Candy' is one of the most attractive Crabapples from noted Ohio plantsman Henry Ross. A small rounded tree reaching approximately 12' in height at maturity. Dark green leaves exhibit excellent disease resistance. Non-persistent, deep yellow fruit is 1/2" diameter.
Large, upward facing blossoms in beautiful shades of salmon to cameo pink. The flowers are often ruffled and frilled.




$29.95, 3 for $83.00
Uniquely colored introduction that opens a light orchid pink. The blossoms have some red streaking with orchid tip stigmas. Slightly fragrant.
Distinctly upright habit with excellent foliage. In the spring, the leaves emerge with a strong purple cast that fades into a purple haloed margin. The summer foliage is dark emerald green. Fall brings an elaborate and long lasting color display in phases. Yellow, orange, burgundy, and red. The leaves are finer and more narrow than typical for Parrotia persica. The branching habit is dense and full, forms a small to mid-sized tree. Parrotia Persian SpireTM is highly versatile as both a narrow growing tree, or as a hedge or screen.
Attractive blue-green evergreen accented with handsome, 8-12" pendulous, resinous cones. Forms a stocky, compact, drought tolerant tree. An excellent substitute for White Pines especially farther south. Here on the Illinois-Wisconsin border we find it to be slower growing, with a tighter form and less winter browning than Eastern White Pine. Matures up to 30-50' tall and 15-20' wide. Hardy to zone 4b (the warmer half of zone 4). Dense, upright evergreen. Grow Pinus 'Forest Sky' as a specimen in the landscape or in spacious areas as part of an evergreen group or screen.



Late season drama! Smoky blue foliage turns dark purple-red in fall. This selection of our native Little Bluestem has an upright, beautifully refined habit and a strong show of color in late summer and fall. The glaucous blue-green foliage begins to take on deep red tones in late summer, turning a dark red-purple through the fall. Tiny, tan seed heads appear in early fall on the top half of the stems. Able to withstand adverse weather and still remain upright. Drought tolerant when established. Deer resistant. Schizachyrium 'Smoke Signal' is a great choice to establish a native planting, in mass for a beautiful sweep of color, or mingled with tall blooming perennials in an informal border.

$19.95, 3 for $56.00
Sunny yellow miniature. This miniature Hosta hybridized by Tony Avent has a similar leaf shape and performance to Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears', but with brilliant yellow leaves that hold their yellow color well into summer. Plant it in an area with morning sun or filtered shade for best yellow color. Lavender flowers appear in midsummer on 18" scapes. A multi-generational cross involving the Hosta 'Blue Mouse Ears'. Grow Hosta 'Sun Mouse' in troughs, patio containers, or in small garden areas with other similarly sized plants.
Summer blooms, fall and winter fruit! Plump pink berries form in early autumn from small pink flowers that bloom in mid to late summer. Each arching stem of Symphoricarpos CandyTM is adorned with decorative berries that remain through winter. A rare color for fall and winter, the pink berries will add a bright accent to evergreens or a mixed border. Very pretty with a dusting of snow. Good for cutting. Deer resistant. Compact habit. Also known as Snowberry. A First Editions® selection.




$39.95, 3 for $108.00
A slow growing, dwarf conical specimen of the Canadian Hemlock exhibiting a distinct erect and extremely stiff appearance. Tsuga 'Jervis' has dark green pointed leaves that are packed densely along the short, twiggy branches. Irregular growth with prominent terminal buds. This dwarf tree is ideal for a bonsai specimen. Forms a small broad pyramid.



All 25 Best Sellers 2018


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