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All 6 Grasses and Bamboos


$18.95, 3 for $53.00

$18.95, 3 for $53.00








All 6 Grasses and Bamboos




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Bamboos and Grasses

Add graceful movement to the garden with elegant, arching ornamental grasses and bamboos. Use in borders or as a focal point. With their linear forms and upright or cascading habits, they also make wonderful additions to large containers.


Grasses are a versatile group with selections for sunny or shady areas.

Grasses for sunny spots add lovely arching forms to the flower and shrub border. They range in height from tall, back of the border plants to smaller varieties for the front edge of a planting. They can add fine linear texture, dramatic height, color that changes with the seasons, or decorative seedheads that sway in the slightest breeze. Many of the varieties we offer are selections of native grasses known for their beauty, toughness, and, when established, their drought tolerance. They complement each other when planted in groups, and also are wonderful with Echinacea, Salvia, Veronica, and other sun lovers.

Grasses for shady areas add a flowing, graceful touch to borders and containers. We offer choice varieties of the shade grass Hakonechloa, known as Japanese Forest Grass. Their slim, linear foliage looks great with the broad leaves of shade lovers such as Hosta and Heuchera. They add a finishing touch along the shady side of a shrub border, and look especially lovely growing near the base of Japanese Maples and Tree Peonies. They prefer a loamy, compost-enriched soil. In the northern parts of their range, provide them with mulch in winter.

Leave grasses in the garden for fall and winter interest, cut back in early spring to make room for new growth.

New for 2018

Our new selections include many that are exclusive to Song Sparrow or rare and hard to find. We choose new plants for both beauty and good growing traits.

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