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Container Planting

How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Plants in Pots and Containers.

Many of our plants are great choices to grow in containers. Clematis are wonderful on patios and balconies. Miniature Hosta and dwarf evergreens can be enjoyed at close range when grown in a pot. Heuchera, Hosta, and ferns will add a leafy abundance to a container that includes annuals. Grasses add fine texture; the cascading types make great "spillers", uprights add valuable height. Beautiful container plantings add character and interest to a setting. Here are some tips to help plants grow well in a container.

Choose a plant that is adaptable to a container. Generally most plants with a moderate to small root system will grow in a pot, some larger growing specimens, such as shade trees, large shrubs, and deep-rooted large perennials are best planted in the ground. We have many noted for "container planting" among our selections.

Select a pot that corresponds to the size and quantity of plants you have chosen. Use a quality commercial potting mix in a pot with holes to ensure good drainage. If the holes are on the bottom of the pot, use supports for a slight lift to keep them off the ground so water can flow out. Fertilize and water carefully as needed, since containers create a smaller root zone for plants.

In cold zones, consider a plant’s hardiness. Some plants will need to be moved to an enclosed area for winter, such as a garage or cold frame, and given minimal water. Some plants will survive in a sturdy wooden planter (clay pots can crack) in a sheltered location, especially if they are rated for a zone or two hardier than the zone where they are being grown. Large pots provide better root protection than small pots. For added protection pots can be wrapped in frost blankets, or plastic pots can be sunk into the ground and mulched. Protect pots from strong winds, excessive moisture, and full winter sun, which can scorch plants. Another option is to enjoy your plants for a season in a container and then approximately 6 weeks before the ground freezes remove it from the pot, plant it in the garden and mulch around the root zone. Look for additional information specifically for your hardiness zone from your nearest arboretum, public gardens, or university extension services.

>Container Planting Varieties

New Listing-Spring

Plants recently added to our offerings. We add plants through the year, some are brand new, some are returning favorites.

>New Listing-Spring Varieties

New Plants for 2016

We are happy to offer our customers new plant varieties including many that are exclusive to Song Sparrow or rare and hard to find. Our selections are based upon many outstanding features including flowers, foliage, form, and extended seasonal interest, combined with ease of culture. We hope you enjoy these new plant selections!

>New Plants for 2016 Varieties

Hosta Miniature to Small

These Hosta can be categorized by the following.

  • Less than 10" tall at maturity.
  • Ideally suited for smaller landscapes.
  • Plant in small containers or troughs, rock gardens, along pathways or line the borders of raised beds.
  • Shipped in 1.68pt/798mL pots, unless otherwise noted.

>Hosta Miniature to Small Varieties

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