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A Clematis for small places! Silver-blue single and semi-double 3-4" flowers on this incredibly compact, 12" plant. Plentiful flowers have a striking accent of red-brown anthers. Clematis FiligreeTM is very compact, almost naturally dwarf, with medium sized flowers. It is perfect for containers, hanging baskets and to create small accents along the front edge of the border. Or try one as a unique centerpiece for your table.

Grow Clematis FiligreeTM ('Evipo029') on a trellis, shrub, obelisk, or an open type fence that allows it to twine through.

Size: 1' tall. Bloom time: Early to midsummer. Plant zones: 4-9. Code: 5CLEFIL.

Flower size: 3 inch blooms

Light Requirements: full sun/partial shade
Container Size: 2.06qt/1.95L

Clematis Prune Group 2: Repeat bloomers with first flowering on previous year's growth, then rebloom on the new growth. In early spring, when buds begin to swell, lightly prune if needed to shape vines. After the first bloom, repeat the light pruning and trim off spent flowers to increase later blooms.

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