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Fragrant lily-like blooms are white with a touch of rose-pink at the base; they open in spring before the leaves emerge. The flowers, comprised of 9 tepals and up to 3" in size, are followed by cylindrical fruits up to 4" long that mature in fall to a bright pink-red as they split open to reveal red seeds. Magnolia cylindrica has dark green foliage that emerges with bronze tints in spring; it turns yellow in fall. Smooth gray bark. Vase-shape habit becomes rounded with age.

This Magnolia species is native to southeastern China; it is sometimes called Huangshan Magnolia because its original territory includes the area around Mt. Haungshan. Matures to 20-30' tall and 10-16' wide.

Size: 10-12' tall, 6-7' wide in 10 years. Plant zones: 5-9. Code: 1MAGCYL.

Genus/Common Name: Magnolia
Light Requirements: full sun
Container Size: 1.68pt/798mL

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