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We thought customers might enjoy watching Roy Klehm's appearances on the Martha Stewart Show. Martha is a huge peony fan and you can get a great look at Song Sparrow Perennial Farm's plants and peonies and firsthand tips from Roy on how to plant and take care of your peonies.

Peony Root Division
Here Roy Klehm and Martha Stewart explain how and when to divide your peony roots.

Planting Peonies
Roy Klehm shares planting tips with Martha Stewart and explains the different types of peonies that Song Sparrow sells. Here you can see exactly how all of the different types of Song Sparrow peonies ship. Roy also shows us just exactly how deep to plant the bareroot peonies in the fall and even gives tips for northern and southern plant zones.

Gardening with Peonies
Martha Stewart shows off her spectacular peony garden which features hundreds of Song Sparrow plants. She also gives a great overview of the history and habits of herbaceous and tree peonies. In her studio she shows off several fragrant peony varieties that are great for cut flowers such as Kansas, Raspberry Sundae, Coral Charm, and Red Charm.

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Roy discussing tree peonies with Shelley Ryan:

Watch now: The Wisconsin Gardener | Tree Peonies | WPT Video

Shelley Ryan travels to Avalon to learn about tree peonies and how to plant them with peony breeder Roy Klehm. Some tree peonies have blooms the size of dinner plates and they're quite hardy in Wisconsin. Favorites woody peonies include Lavender Grace, Garden of the Monastery and Toichi Ruby.

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Planting Information

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