How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Sun and Shade Perennials

We separate our herbaceous perennials into two sections based on their basic cultural need for a sunny or shaded location. Note that many sun-loving perennials will tolerate some shade in Southern zones. We containerize almost all of our companion perennials, taking the time and effort to establish and grow good root systems.

Our sun and shade perennials are 2 year old plants shipped in 2.06 quart/1.95 liter pots, unless otherwise noted, from late March through late November, weather permitting. Plants are carefully packaged for safe arrival.

Hardiness Zones
See listings for recommended USDA Zones.

Planting Hints
Along with site selection based on the sun/shade exposure requirements, good soil preparation helps ensure success with these plants. Deep, loose, well-drained soil with ample incorporated compost is ideal. Effort and thought beforehand pays big dividends! Dig a hole larger than the pot. Remove the entire soil clump and place in the hole so that the top of the clump is level with the ground. Apply 2-3" mulch and water thoroughly. Do not mulch directly on the crown (growing points) of a plant or it may rot, apply the mulch only around the root zone area.

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