How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Hosta

We ship 2 year old Hosta in 2.06 quart/1.95 liter pots, except where noted. Our miniature Hosta varieties are shipped in 1.68 pint/798 mL pots, which are a better fit for their proportionately smaller size. We ship March through November, weather permitting. In early spring and late fall, plants will often be dormant (without foliage above the soil). You will, however, receive a container with soil and the full root system.

Hardiness Zones
Hosta are recommended to be hardy in Zones 3-9. Plants tend to grow larger and produce more intense blue or green coloration in cold climates.

Ideal Conditions
Moisture retentive, well drained soil is preferred. Good drainage is especially important for the small and miniature Hosta varieties with their proportionately smaller root systems. Organic matter such as peat moss, aged manure, or compost should be worked into the soil before planting. A steady supply of moisture is preferred during the hot summer months. Shady or partially shady locations will yield the best results in most cases. Each variety has different light requirements, but you can plant Hosta in almost any shade situation. Blues prefer more shade (especially further south), while golds will tolerate more sunlight as they grow to maturity. Pick your planting site carefully. Young Hosta need a minimum of two seasons in one location to start to mature and show their adult potential.

Planting Tips
Dig a hole in your prepared soil that is slightly larger than the pot. Remove entire soil ball from the pot, gently loosen the roots, and place in the hole with the top of the soil ball at ground level. Water thoroughly and watch the plant for leaf wilting during the first weeks to see if further watering is needed. Mulching is recommended, especially the first winter. Mulch will also help maintain steady moisture levels.

Allow space for the ultimate plant size. We note the mature width of each Hosta with our descriptions.

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Planting Information

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