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How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Intersectional/Itoh Peony Hybrids

Hardiness Zones
We ship 3-4 year old containerized Itoh Peonies, in a 1.07G/4.08L container, to USDA Zones 4-8.

Ideal Conditions
Itoh Peonies, like other Peonies, are long lived, so it is best to choose a good permanent site and properly prepare it to ensure many years of beautiful blooms. Select an open sunny location. Itoh Hybrid Peonies can tolerate light shade in warmer, southern climates. Soil must be well drained and contain generous levels of organic matter which can be incorporated at planting time. A slow release high phosphate fertilizer should be added at planting time to ensure rapid root development.

Planting Tips
The prepared area should be 2' wide and 2' deep, creating an area large enough for rapid root development. Plant at the same level as it is in the container, firm soil around the planting area. Water immediately after planting. A 2-3" layer of organic mulch will aid in water retention.

Bloom Time
Itoh Peonies bloom in spring, generally after Tree Peonies and before most of the herbaceous Peonies. Peony bloom times are affected by your location and weather conditions and the individual variety.

Never allow the newly planted Itoh Peony to dry out. A layer of organic mulch during summer will preserve moisture. Remove any competitive weeds adjacent to peonies to help with moisture. A slow release fertilizer can be applied to the soil surface every three years.

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Planting Information

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