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Shipping and UPS Information

Shipping and Handling Charges—USA

Bare Root Peonies and Daylilies
  1-3 Plants Over 3 Plants
Regular UPS $13.00 $2.25 ea. Additional
Alaska Call/email for estimate.
  1-3 Plants Over 3 Plants
Regular UPS $25.00 $4.50 ea. Additional
Alaska Call/email for estimate.

Herbaceous Peonies are harvested and shipped bare root in the fall.
We do not ship to Hawaii. Please call or email for an estimate for shipping to Alaska.

USA Customers

We do our best to accommodate the preferred shipping dates for your plant zones. To ensure timely and proper delivery, we do request 1-2 week notice to prepare an order for shipping. Orders do not ship on the same day that the order is placed. All credit cards are processed 1-2 weeks prior to delivery. If you prefer a specific shipping time or a time not to receive your shipment, please notify us at the time your order is placed.

Our shipping season begins in spring appropriate to your plant zone. We continue to ship plants throughout the spring and summer months. However, we do reserve the right to delay shipment of plants due to extreme weather conditions, especially in summer months. Please note herbaceous Peonies are only harvested and shipped in fall. Please refer to the spring and fall shipping schedule for approximate beginning shipping dates for your plant zone.

All orders are shipped standard ground via United Parcel Service or Spee-Dee Delivery. Please refer to the delivery chart for container and bare root shipments. U.P.S. and Spee Dee Delivery require full name and street number and address. Unfortunately, plant material cannot be delivered to a post office box. Any additional information that will facilitate delivery will be helpful. We are unable to ship our products to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands.

All Foreign Customers

Due to increasing regulations and restrictions, we are limiting our international shipments at this time. Please contact us directly if you would like to pursue shipments outside the United States/ Canada at

CANADIAN SHIPMENTS: All Canadian shipments are sent via United Parcel Services, U.P.S. All plants are shipped when dormant, bare root, early spring or late fall, without exception. A phytosanitary certicate fee of $100.00 will be applied to your order, which we provide. Two weeks prior to your scheduled ship date, you will receive from Song Sparrow, a quote for approximate U.P.S. delivery charges. The estimated shipping cost will be charged to your order prior to shipping. This may be subject to change at the time of delivery. U.P.S. will notify you of all customs clearance, duties and taxes, which are solely the customer's responsibility. If over payment or under payment exceeds $10.00, notification will be sent of an additional debit or credit. Song Sparrow does charge a $15.00 processing fee which will be added to your invoice. Please review your quote and final billing prior to shipment. Pending your approval we will proceed with your order.

Revised July 2018

2020 Beginning Shipping Dates

Fall Herbaceous
Peony Shipments
USDA Zone Begins the week of USDA Zone Begins the week of
zone 10 March 16 zone 10 October 19 
zone 9 March 16 zone 9 October 19 
zone 8 March 16 zone 8 October 19 
zone 7 March 23, March 30 zone 7 October 12 
zone 6 April 6, April 13 zone 6 October 5 
zone 5 April 20, April 27, May 4  zone 5 September 21, September 28 
zone 4 May 11 zone 4 September 7, September 14 
zone 3 May 18 zone 3 August 31 

Visit Us! 2020 Open House and Pick-Up Days

Dates To Be Determined

While we are not open to the public on a regular basis, we occasionally have special pick-up dates and one open house each year. Please check back here for available dates and times, or sign up for our emails and we will send you an invitation.

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